The “Violence or nonviolence?” survey aims to assess the impact of violence in one’s personal life and to see where one stands in relation to nonviolence.


Thank you for answering this survey and for helping us to spread the word in your entourage.


1/ Do you currently suffer from violence?

If yes, which ones?

2/ What type of violence have you experienced (exercised or received)?

3/ Is violence increasing in your own life?

4/ Is violence increasing in the world?

5/ What types of violence are increasing the most in society?

6/ What types of social violence are most worrying?

7/ What kind of violence gives you a visceral rejection?

8/ Do you believe it is legitimate to respond to violence with violence?

9/ Do you think it is necessary to go beyond violence, starting with :

10/ Are Humans Inherently Violent?

11/ Does violence is learned?

12/ Is nonviolence intrinsic to human nature?

13/ Can nonviolence be learned?

14/ Do you know any iconic figures of nonviolence?

15/ Do you know any tools or practices of nonviolence?

16/ Do you know the methodologies of nonviolent action?

17/ Do you know the values of nonviolence?

18/ Do you participate in any activity related to nonviolence?

19/ Are you using any tools of nonviolence?

In which environment most frequently?

20/ Do you think it is important to act non-violently in conflicts?

21/ Are the tools of nonviolence effective in liberating oneself from one's own violence?

22/ Does conscientious objection contribute to action against violence?

23/ Does civil disobedience work to combat violence?

24/ Does nonviolence make it possible to free oneself from violence in the world?

25/ Is pacifism and non-violence the same thing?

26/ Is there a relationship between nonviolence and spirituality?




12 + 2 =

The survey is launched by the Observatory of non-violence, a non-profit association launched in 2018 with the aim of disseminating information related to nonviolence in the world.
The Observatory organizes conferences, events and proposes workshops that aim to free ourselves from violence through reflection, exchange and the use of active nonviolence tools.
The Observatory is part of the Centre for Humanist Studies Noesis, which is dedicated to the study and dissemination of essays and opinions on different themes, with a humanist perspective.

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In the US, for more information beyond this survey, please contact David Andersson :